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This Will Make You A Master At Seducing Women. Your Wife Included.

Seduction Secrets For Men

  Enjoy this humorous and incredibly insightful interview. Miki Spies, The Worlds Greatest Love Guru gives a playboy style interview to Andrew Ferebee, founder of Knowledge For Men. Ferebee asks Spies probing questions on what it takes to…

10 Teachers That Will Elevate Your Spiritual World

Best Spiritual Teachers

Life is an emotional playground. You can dance with joy. You can lie with sadness. You decide which castles, tunnels or scary spaces to enter. You choose where to reside. Emotional amusement park life choices… I have visited…

Handle Criticism Like A Boss. Spiritual Coach, Miki Spies


There is no way around it, you must become mentally tough. Success hinges on the strength of the mind. When you stick your neck out, criticism and disapproval will surely come. We are not yet living in a…