Ultimate 3 Day House Call

Infused Your Household With Magical Manifesting Power.

$250,000.00 $59,997.00

The SpiesGirls make house calls! Experience an immediate transformation. Miki and Sydney work from morning-night for 3 days; building up your spirit, showing you how to wield your magical powers and assisting you with earthly responsibilities. Laughter, hard work and self love are on the menu. Expect astrological readings, assistance with decorating/organizing and of course, a sexy image makeover. Pure spiritual, emotional and physical fun. You will learn how to feel your best, heal your body and climb out of depressed states. Jump start a sexy, new life. Children? Let them to participate. It will be great fun and provide a wonderful bonding experience. This package gives you personal access to The SpiesGirls for a year. Email to schedule.

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