Spiritual House Call-Local

Spiritual House Call with the SpiesGirls. Three Days of Glorious Transformation.

$59,997.00 $29,997.00

Think of this Exclusive Three Day House Call as a launching pad for your families spiritual, physical, emotional, relational and financial highest success.

For those of you lucky enough to live in the Durango CO area, The SpiesGirls offer a value price on their Exclusive Three Day House Call.

Every inch of your home be impacted by the supreme decorating and organizational abilities The SpiesGirls provide.

You will be shown the secrets to good health, understand how to overcome depressed states and feel 100% renewed and energized… READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD!

Your closets will be organized. Your relationships rejuvenated. Your astrological blueprints laid out.

Every member of the family will feel valued, heard and loved.

This product gives you, your family and your home 5 Star Treatment like you have never experienced before.

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