Special 2 Day Event!

Special Whole Expo Product in person only Sept 8th and 9th.

$997.00 $100.00

Discover your MAGIC! Astrological Gurus unveil your highest calling.

Understand your North Star and get the most revealing and encouraging Astrological Birth Chart Reading Available In The World.

Receive CERTAINTY about your future. Greatest personality assessment you will ever get!

The SpiesGirls offer their exclusive Predictive Astrological Readings to their home town community for a STEAL OF A DEAL!

Understand the fullness of who you are and who you are intended to be with a one of a kind private, in person reading.

This product is only good for September 8th and 9th in person at Durango, Colorado’s Whole Expo. Come see us at The Durango Fairgrounds booth D17.