Family Predictive Reading

Protect and ensure BRILLIANT family communication and love.

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Do you want a rock solid family that can take on the world!? Want to ensure an amazing future for every member? What if you could avoid friction as a couple? How would you like it, if your highest calling as a team was made crystal clear?  How valuable would it be, if you had supernatural insight into your family relationships? What if you could anticipate and be ready for life’s storms? What if you knew how to avoid heartache? Make brilliant decisions at just the right time? What if you could stay in a state of deliriously happy? What would it be worth to maintain the highest form of love?

The reality is most of humanity is not excelling. Marriages face many challenges. 46% end in divorce. 75% of Americans take prescription drugs. By far, the majority of Americans are overweight. That trend is happening all over the world. Addictions to alcohol, tobacco or other destructive substances are considered ‘normal’. 1 million people die from suicide every year. More than war and natural disaster combined. Very few families have ‘hit the jackpot’ in every area of life. Negativity abounds. Most of the world seems to have entered a depressed state.

That is because people have not been taught the Secret Code of The Universe! Up until this point you haven’t received insight into the beauty of your birth chart and those closest to you. Mainstream media doesn’t show you how to achieve greatness and take advantage of interpersonal relationships. Spirituality is often looked at as weird or odd. But the truth is discoveries have been made; the physical world is influenced by thought and intention. The planets have personalities just like people. There is magic in the world that ‘experts’ can no longer deny.

Great Astrologers are rare. Amazingly brilliant ones even more so. It has been said by Morgan Stanley “Millionaires don’t use astrologers,. Billionaires do”. The SpiesGirls have been featured in media outlets all over the world. The mother/daughter pair tap into the universal mind through the practice of astrology. They are obsessed with showing others how this energy works and how to thrive. When The SpiesGirls reveal your spiritual stamp you will be flooded with relief. Your relationships with your children and spouse will be given an spectacular advantage.

The SpiesGirls will direct your entire family to it’s collective North Star. They will show you how to cooperate with universal energies and fulfill your life mission. You have an obligation to embody the fullness of who you were created to be. These Astrological Gurus will, in one single session make your highest life purpose crystal clear. They will reveal your spiritual mission. The SpiesGirls will eliminate your worries and give you CERTAINTY about your future. Oh… and you’re sure to fall more in love with yourself your lover and those beautiful children.

After you purchase your Family Astrological Reading (how exciting!), you will be contacted for an intake phone call. The SpiesGirls will then obsess over your Stars for a few days…. researching, meditating and pouring over your combined aspects. This is incredibly intense work they take very seriously. Then everyone will come together for the virtual session which will last 2-3 hours. You will be able to record the session and listen to it again and again. This Family Astrological Reading provides fantastic insurance for the well-being of your relationships.

What an incredible investment into your future!