You have a flashing neon sign around your neck that exclaims ‘I AM DOING IT ALL WRONG’. Your bad habits are blatantly obvious for the world to see. Most Americans are fat, really fucking fat.

I am a spiritual coach. I shake people out of their helpless state. I turn them against their excuses. I create Bad Asses. I do not pussy foot around.

Adopt my way of thinking and your excess weight will fall off. It will disappear never to return. Justify your current habits, make excuses and continue to live obese. Your choice.

If you were my client I would not sympathize with you. I would kick your ass. I would snap you out of your weak, ignorant mindset. I would chastise you for your food choices. I would introduce you to your power.

Corporations are not your friend. They want you to buy their products. The medical industry is not doing you any favors. They benefit financially from your sickness. The so called ‘Weight Loss Industry’ loves that you are always on the hunt for the next fad. They have zero incentive to teach you the true secret. Weight loss is a 20 billion dollar a year industry.

Stop wasting your damn money.

You are full of bad programming. Your parents are probably fat. Your friends are putting on pounds. Everything you think you know, toss aside.

I make weight loss very simple.

The minute you are done reading this blog pass it along to friends and family. It is a hell of a lot easier as a team to tackle a goal. But in the end, this life is an individual journey. There is no one to blame for your blubber but yourself.

Stop spending time with people that refuse to improve themselves. Do not hang out with fat, content family members. Your mental well being is key to this process. You must become tough.

My daughter and I created ‘Love Notes’. We remind humanity of their powerful nature. People tell us the Love Note is the highlight of their day. Sign up here. They are free. They are transformative. Love Notes provide the encouragement you crave.

You are a glorious creature, strong beyond measure. It is time to start acting like it.

Become excited by the lifestyle commitment you are about to embark on. If you half-heartedly approach these changes, you do not have a chance of losing weight. But if you DECIDE, truly decide to change your thinking, you will transform into a sexy beast.

Who doesn’t want that?!

From now on no more animal products. No more processed crap ‘food’. Buy and order things that grow from the ground. You must learn how to cook at least a dozen healthy meals.

Here is what a trip to the grocery store will look like; a cart full of produce, quadruple what you have bought in the past, a large variety of beans, nuts and grains, nothing bleached. Pick up salsa, humus, olive oil, pasta sauce, green tea, coffee, spices, peanut butter, tortillas, pizza dough and almond milk. No meat, no cheese, no butter, no eggs, no cow milk, no yogurt. No chips, no soda, no boxed ‘foods’, no alcohol.

Stop being a fucking glutton. It’s gross.

Paying to have animals tortured has had bad karmic affects on your body. You love animals. Stop paying a corporation to torture them for you. Animal ‘products’ are the root cause of your current body shape.

Here are a couple of studies to familiarize yourself with. The China Study found those communities that do not eat animals or their secretions do not develop cancer. The World Health Organization unequivocally proclaims processed meat causes cancer. Science has proven two weeks on a vegan diet dramatically reduces your chance of developing cancer. Being fat dramatically increases your risk for disease. Stop eating meat. Stop eating dairy. Stop eating eggs.

You can no longer, in good conscious, serve yourself or the people you love, cancer. The reason you feel depressed and anxious has a lot more to do with the food you eat than you realize.

Do not sabotage your life journey by giving yourself disease.

Here’s what I ate today… Upon waking I had a pot of green tea and two bananas. For brunch, half a can of spicy kidney beans, a handful of lettuce, a potato, a carrot, a tomato, a green onion, an avocado, coriander, topped with salsa. A hand full of nuts was my snack. Dinner consisted of a homemade pizza, topped with sauce, crushed cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. For a late meal, couscous was covered with 5 vegetables. A couple of squares of dark chocolate and almond milk for desert. I drink water with lemon. I spice my food well, salt, pepper and cayenne are staples in my kitchen.

That is a lot of healthy food!

The only pills I take are B12 and a D supplement. I have healed myself from depression, anxiety and a thyroid condition. I healed myself from chronic neck pain. Watch me teach on YouTube about spirituality and healing. You can overcome anything. If I can do it, so can you.

I bring food on all my outings. I always carry my reusable water bottle.

Weight loss is all about what you put in your mouth. You can eat as much produce as you want. You are not going to gain weight by eating apples and cherries. That kind of food will clean out your system. You will get the perfect amount of protein by eating what the earth naturally provides.

Your addictions to fast food, potato chips and hamburgers will be curbed in a couple of months. You will soon be disgusted by your past food choices. You will be horrified by what you used to feed your children. You will be hauling your fat clothes to the thrift store.

I do about 10-15 minutes of exercise a day. I do not kill myself. I look amazing. I am 48 years old and weigh 120 pounds. I eat as much as I want. I never eat meat. I never eat dairy. I do not touch eggs. I am a dedicated Vegan. I feed my cells real, live food. Here is a video I did on weight loss.

When you make the decision to never pay to have an animal tortured, when you chose to put only perfect food in your body, every extra pound will leave your person. It will not feel like effort. You will never deprive yourself. You will become enlightened by the radical new energy flooding in.

Go for a walk. Have a private dance party. Do a few sun salutations. Sit up strong, stand up tall, take the stairs. But don’t feel like you have to put hours in at the gym. It is mostly about the food you eat and what you reject. The fat will magically disappear.

Congratulations. You have the secret. Now fucking apply it.

Get ahold of me if you want my help.

Miki Spies is a spiritual coach. She authored Fashion A Fairytale,  An Inspired Methodology For Manifesting Fantasies and How To Be A SEX GOD, Make Women Worship You. Miki is a motivational speaker, imparting manifesting power.

Miki and her daughter Sydney cofounded SpiesGirls. They produce their own reality show. Watch Miki’s inspired teaching on YouTube. Miki was raised in the mountains of Colorado. Spies currently resides in Holland.

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