The SpiesGirls, Worlds Greatest Revolutionary Coaching.

Bitch House Productions

SpiesGirls, mother/daughter business partners, don’t fuck around in their approach to life coaching. They specialise in custom-made fairytales.  A house call from SpiesGirls will cause intense transformation.  

Miki Spies

  Miki Spies, is The Worlds Greatest Spiritual Coach and Astrologer. She is a passionate Leo with a magnanimous spirit.  Miki’s spiritual teachings are powerful and easily applicable. She is an ass-kicker of a coach. Spies is the author of ‘Fashion A Fairytale, An Inspired Methodology For Manifesting Fantasies‘. She also authored Make Women Worship You, for men.  Miki is a transformational speaker with an enthusiastic message of manifestation.

Dazzling daughter and spiritual care giver, Sydney Spies is a hard working intuitive Libra. Sydney is a beautiful teacher of children. She has the heart of a mother. Sydney is a vegan master in the kitchen and shares glorious, easy recipes. Sydney will soon publish a series of children’s astrology books. Spies is a talented actress and model.